We Love to: Learn
Yesterday I wento this drumschool in my town ...

I've always been, if not " against " the so called " knowledge ".. at least ... suspicious about the fact, to teach everybody the same technical skills ( in music, arts, life ... ) was the best way to help people meet themselves. To me it's quite obvious, just look at the situation of
our planet for centuries ... The choice was clear, ... to learn by myself .. with the help of the sensibility, you can do miracles ....

Years later ... you
discover yourself more balanced about things .. and this is a good thing as long as it doesn't make you be someone you're not. So i decided to answer this need, .... in fact it's not a need to fill ... it's more a natural way of evolution. Some news doors now could be discovered, and even if it's not very important ... in the end it'll be positive, for the self confidence, relationship stuff, and musical capacity.