We Love to: See
A couple of days ago i've been to this exposition of the impressionismovement back in the end of the 19th century / early 20th. It was nice, with works from Pissarro, Monet and co. Even Gauguin was shown ( he had a very short period when he began ) .. and his work was already interesting with the way he has to magnified a subject wih amazing colors and forms.

i've heard some critics from this time saying
" Please tell mister Camille Pissarro that trees are not blue, women are not rotting bodies with green on them " etc ... And this is all art is about ... to give a new standpoint to see things. To add some space and erase some limitations of our mind/society to offer us the chance to discover ourself and what is around us.

Life is a moving entity. As for the Sun, when it moves, offering a different look to all the things, if we let our own light/mind moves as well, freely, then we could discover those different aspects and so, we do
Learn, which is one of the greatesthing in Life ...

So, in the end, ... i was not astonished by these paintings ... ( even if of course some are ) ... but ... justhe idea to
Free our senses from limitations of a classic perception was something very new and i'm sure required at the time a lot of courage and perseverance.

ps: the human world is a lil place in a huge Universe, there was a painting from the
Pittsburgh Carnegie Museum of Art (a place my One knows very well)