HOLA. This post stands as an introduction ... not an ego-induction.
I expose my " solo-recordings conditions ", my instruments etc ...

But if you have any questions, contact me.

I just have a guitar, a one chord bass + a midi keyboard. // I put the sounds one by one.
The first one is often an impro' one. // Then I add some other sounds.
It's during the night (almost everytimes). // At my table in front of the cpu.
The silence makes one with the emerging music. // And I feel blessed when something arrives.
And when it comes, all my body becomes a sort of machina. // Which obeys to my higher spirit ... itself obeys to something higher
Hours pass ... and when the daylight starts to live ... // I start to feel tired, so I go to bed.

A real year ... less music recordings, more realities, Life breathing in the heart free from grey ... a trip to the USA to meet my present and future in person, the Love of my life. And now ... it's a new era where you have to act and Be. Not suffer and complain anymore from things your responsible of. To destroy was fast and easy, to build will be long and passionating.

E.P. year:  " FULL SO(O)N " ... first one with vocals ... better then the others and still far from what i know i can do ... but on the good way. It was hard, near impossible to produce ... thanx to a few nice souls, i almost made it. 

A year which was linked to the previous ones and the next one for sure. I finally saved myself from my main addiction, a 13 years old inner fight. All of this was possible thanx to the self knowledge and with the help from higher spheres. It was a matter of focus. Like a lot people, some of the artists i love died at 27 ... i always thought, in a naive way, i'll do the same ... in a way it did happen ... and i did born the very next second. Now life can start... 

A pure slow-transition year ... assuming the loneliness for good. Each day teachs you a lesson ( or more ) and this year was full of it. On a musical point, I start to feel a little more confident in what I do, even if I'm not here to become proud of anything.
I've not made a record in 2007 cos' the " cd' format " seems to be dead, it's sad to say that my 2 firsts e.p. copies will rest in peace...in their box! moreover you have to be able to get money to produce, a thing I don't have in me.
But I am on The Way, more than ever ... sure of what I do, even if I really don't know what I do concretely ! Now that I've passed the 27th year' cap ... I can try to Live.

E.p. year. "Forgive Your Realities"
I really wanted to release a better project. But I've failed to put into some " real songs " ( with vox ). So the e.p. became a sort of instrumentalexutory of my frustrated feelings.
During this year I got a lot of "love-mirages". Which means my brain had too many troubles to already work. I feel more mature but definitely not a man (I mean "hunter").

2005 to me, means some hard times. My first e.p done, I had to look ahead. But I think I was depressive a most part of this year. Completely lost between my past habits and goin' on with a new state of mind and Knowledge.
This was a survival period. I have learned you must lose something if you want to discover another. Also I 've discovered how I'm going to suffer from my sensitive vision of love ( which is not cool ) and moreover, the need to create more positive songs now that I can feel all these interconnected thoughts. Which 'll be very important to me in my future.

E.P Year ... released of my first one; " FLASHED (In the South ) "
I am not really proud of it cos' it sounds a lil' cheap and the concept was totally misunderstood.
( short musical sentences recorded " one shot " ).
See the myspace page dedicated to.

YEARS Before:
In a blabla mode, ... I could say ... the same kinds of things that everyone say ... like " I do music since X ... I play the instruments Y&Z ... " ... Imagine it yourself. All I can write for now, is that I've spent a lot of years lost in my passion for X & Y + Z. I had my account of auto-sufferings ... paint and strings and wasted joys ( by myself ) ... all kinds of experiences to help me to understand what is the Life and what is not a life ( to have ).

Collaborations :

Exblase +I'm on the track "Schwann". You can Download their album "Bald n' Cardiac"

Elia : Original drawings on the F's .e.ps

Lav : For a sample video on the track " Intro Machina " ( E.P1 )

M.U.K : For all the artworx & more.

The Projects :

Fre(e)d, solo
Main page of my music, plus other demos/ short demos/ lost demos/ old demos.

Electro-child project ...

My band'identity if a live is scheduled.

I try to play the drums in this one, with a friend on the guitar.

Here I've putted some riffs with a friend on the drums.

Here are the the records
( Third E.P. "FULL SO(O)N was made in december 2008 but only in digital format for now )