Lyrics of a song is a special world itself, it's both the justification and complement to the music.

I really like the
instru-mental songs, but more and more i felt the need to express the deep feeling happening through a creation.

We all have some limits ( the same ones we constantly try to improve on ) ... and mine don't allow me to write all i would say, sing all i would tell.

Our limits are not here to block us to do or create but make ourself work and find this way where you will be able to share, in the end.

Love words, Empathy consideration, Peace wishes are often mocked as Utopia, Hippie blabla, etc ....

But I think we better repeat LOVE a thousand times rather than repeat we wanna FIGHT X or Y.

One results in a positive evolution ( or at least makes your soul warmer ) when the other is just a stagnation in inside/out violence.

Here are some songs blabla:

Miracle / unreleased song 2010.
Memories / unreleased song 2010.

Nirvana / from FULL SO(O)N e.p.
ToGetHer / from FULL SO(O)N e.p.
Ecotopia / from FULL SO(O)N e.p.
One to Free / from FULL SO(O)N e.p.

Mayday / b-side rough demo.