The Authentic

•She's a real authentic Soul ... no matter that i love her, she's obviously one of these few human beings who take the time to be sensitive to all sorts of signs.

•Michelle, is an artist of
life, it means she's receptive and open in her daily life.
She sees Life everywhere it is and always looks to
revive an object and create new through old.

•The way all is
connected between spiritual and material universe makes her Art very sincere and moving.

•She puts herself in her creations as the
creations do the same in her.

•Her fire in/is that
kind of fire ...

rare person is a person you have to care of.
I wanna show you some of her works ...
Please check her

on myspaceon flickr
on facebooke-mail ...

Or discover her a lil through this video:
MICHELLE GREGIO The Love of my Life and Great Artist.

(MORE from her, in blogs, interviews etc ....)