•We all have some tastes, preferences ...

A lot of them come from our childhood and are attached to a personal experience.

•Experience is always something showed as your very
precious story.

"Experiences make You", people used to say.

•But what happens when this same experience, with its
weight is finally something that blocks you to "experience" more.

Is it supposed to be something static you accumulate and think, makes you richer.

•Or in the end, is it something you have to digest and forget so you can continue to

Keeping the very essential without the intention to keep.

•The same thing that makes you, could also not allow you to be

This is one of the few paradoxes we meet in our Life.

• of All the Connections
This is the main one that could include all the others.


of birds' wings when then take off
• of our steps on lil stones
of the purrs from a cat or ourselves
• of the rain and the wind and the storm
of the trees moving like an ocean
• of the silence's melody
of your voice

• of you and me mixing
of the Earth after the rain
• of mama cooking
of your skin after the shower
• of your armpits before the shower
of your cobra on my face
• of the Nature

of your hair on my chest when above me
• of you and me forming one
of a feather caressing the skin
• of the instruments
of my cat's fur
• of soil in the hands
of leaves on the face when running in a field

• of
ALL of you
of fresh hazelnuts
• of white currants
of destiny

• of y-our merryland
of our Universe and Earth
• of a bird feeding a baby
of human beings when sincerely happy
• of the seasons of Life
of a new born Leaf