We Love to: Observe
We go in the street and we cross the life of more people than ever. It's not a secret, since we're in this " network society "... people don't talk more in the " realife ".

Realife ", is not only when you can touch the person you're talking to. It's also when you can share and feel the waves, the energy of Thought and Higher Spirit.

We're surrounded by
symptoms of our well-being and its opposite ... Something in us, makes our sight and guts faster to notice what's wrong than what is not wrong.

In a way it's a good thing, cos' we do not want to keep this bad feeling, we see
clearly it has to be transformed into something that makes us feel and be good.

What happens with a positive event shines in your life ... maybe you want to preserve it, keep it to enjoy it forever, but doing that, you take it out of the
Circle of Life ( even if we're always part of it ) to adapt it in your own version of it. You create an alternative to escape all the dangers of the Life Trials.

It can't work for long ... It asks too much
energy for the few it gives back. And doesn't help anyone to evolve.

A good or bad thing, is always something we have to transform, but not only. Then for the best we could share it .. through everything you want. Never underestimate the power of a simple
smile while you walk in the streets, the way it will travel from a face to another, to a heart and its spirit.

Never underestimate the capacity of your Love to travel through the
Space & Time. Here is a nice move to create on our planet Earth as in yourself.

Since we know all is linked, to take care of lil positive details may help more than take part in a fight.

This has
Realife value.

and more than: "hope"
Have FAITH In What You Can Do

Podcast "Elapsing Time" by F• in solo

We Love to: Try
Everyday in the life, the chance to learn something new is given to us. Most of the time we say " no " to this chance or we hesitate. We think, we feel, maybe this is " not for us " and we decide to not try, so we don't learn, this could be one of the biggest mistake during our journey.

Imagine a leaf saying: " i refuse to get the wind on me " ...

It's not natural. But see how the human beings spend a lot of energy on " how to avoid X or Y events " ... in the end, we cut ourselves from our very own Nature to adopt a more superficial one (guided by the influence of the surroundings, society).

So this leaf could try to hide behind her brothers and sisters, feeling
protected, but sooner or later, the wind will get on it too and so, what will happen ... maybe a lot of fear facing the unknown, this wind seems to have a dangerous potential and could move us far from home ... but again, this is a natural way of evolution, of interaction between elements.

We are real fast to panic, stress, about things. Most of them are not supposed to be scaring. Most of them are natural events we have to live, we can't avoid and most important, are here for us, these are our events, our
tools, our chances. No fear about that, cos', in the end, this could be the best help you'll ever have.

You could discover that, falling from your tree, the life doesn't stop, and is
pulsing on the ground too, that you could be really worthy, feeding the soil, being a home for insects, when you'll experience that, and accomplish this new cycle of your existence, you could have a very deep joy when you'll discover the roots of your beloved tree again, and the Circle of Life would be complete.

Finally, thanks to this
wind, you did learn much more than just staying hidden behind others and denying life elements.

During our journey, we'll find
periods dealing with the Light / Sun, and others, in the dark, down the ground, ... none is better or worst than the other, both have to offer, from both, you have to take and learn.

ps: the last couple of days, i made plum's jam for the firstime, i did not burn myself and i start to love to cook, also i was on a motorcycle and i did not fall, it was a lil like taking off and interesting to Try.

Podcast "To Wish Impossible Things" by the Cure.